Three Common SEO Questions and Their Answers

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Did you know that search engines are one of the most popular internet activities, along with email? Businesses are starting to realize the level of impact search engines can have on how many potential customers visit their sites. Even for local businesses, this is important, considering that 20 percent of searches are for local good and services.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the answer to utilizing the power of search engine indexing. SEO companies create quality content in the form of blogs, articles and infographics that help generate high rankings for companies owing to keyword relevancy and user interest. Many people have questions about SEO, so here are some of the top SEO questions, and their corresponding answers.

First, a common SEO question is, can I do this myself? Yes, anyone can use SEO techniques to help increase their search rankings. However, outsourcing is still the preferred choice for many, because SEO companies are experts in understanding Google algorithms and how to generate good web results. If you cannot invest many thousands of dollars in properly training staff to do SEO work, then you are probably better off concentrating on what you do best, and paying someone else to do what they do best.

Second, how can I tell if SEO is effective for my website? How do I know other online marketing techniques, like email, are not actually driving the increased traffic? The answer to this SEO question depends on which company you outsource from, but most reliable SEO companies are comfortable with giving you a dashboard with up to date analytics on exactly how many views their specific postings are drawing in, using programs that filter out for organic and unrelated search results.

Third, is SEO expensive? Is the next most common SEO question. The majority of SEO companies offer tiered plans that offer different benefits to different types of companies. Size, the product being sold, how local or national the pitch is, and the level of web penetration desired will all impact with plan and therefore price you end up paying. As a very general sort of figure, 900 a month for local SEO is pretty average, but again, there are many factors at play.

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