Top Five Questions Pertaining to the Internet, Answered Now!

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The internet is a convoluted miasma of information and confusion. And the majority of Americans use it without having any idea how it actually works. Below you can find five of the top internet trivia questions in regards to different aspects of the internet, and their answers.

Top of the Internet Trivia Questions. Did Al Gore really invent the internet?

No. But he has been a huge supporter of the internet ever since its advent. He has been a firm advocate as far back as the 1970s, touting how useful and helpful it could and can be, and encouraging Americans to embrace this new technology that could change lives.

Top of the Internet Security Questions. How do I know when I have a virus?

First of all, viruses are only a tiny portion of the things that you should be concerned with on the internet. There are trojans, worms, malware, scams, spams and more. But, for any malicious software that you may have picked up somewhere, you should have at least one form of antivirus protection on your computer. On top of that you should something to handle spybots or malware as well. And all of these should scan your system regularly.

Top of the Internet Related Questions. Is the internet actually made up of tubes?

While this is a hilariously ignorant quote, it is still flat out wrong. Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens referred to the internet as a series of tubes in 2006 in his argument opposing network neutrality. While you do not need to know the whole argument, just know that it is horribly wrong, and that it has since become a cultural meme.

Top of the Internet Safety Questions. Is it dangerous to leave my internet connection on?

If you are worried about people using your internet, or accessing your computer through the network, you can password protect it and not have to worry. An open connection is an invitation for someone to just hop onto the network and watch your computer while you are doing all sorts of things. Most people like that will not bother to try to bypass a password, when it is easier to find a network that is unprotected.

Top of the Internet Marketing Questions. How do I get my site on top of the search ranks?

Through a process called search engine optimization in which you make your site more relevant to search engine algorithms. This can be an increased social media presence, outside sites linking to yours, an active blog on your site, and an updated website.

I hope those internet trivia questions come in handy for you. I had a great time researching them and encourage more. And pass the useless knowledge on!

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