Two Common Questions about SEO, and Their Answers

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Did you know that 80 percent of people never click on the sponsored ads listed at the top of Google search results, and the majority of people never look past the first page of results for what they are looking for? Businesses are realizing that in order to perform better on the online market and increase their online visibility, they will need to increase their search rank. Search engine optimization, or SEO services, are often the answer to this. SEO companies craft quality content in the form of articles, infographics, and blogs and incorporate keywords and links throughout. Many people, however, have unanswered SEO questions. What are some common ones?

First, one of the top SEO questions is, how will I know this is actually working? People who have experimented with online services before realize that the promise is not always equivalent to the return. They are also worried that, by running multiple improved marketing campaigns at once, it will be impossible to judge whether the site is doing well because of SEO and email marketing, or if email marketing is actually pulling all the weight.

In reality, good SEO companies provide their clients with analytics on exactly where their traffic is coming from and how well their unique campaign is performing. They can weed out organic and unrelated clicks to show what they themselves have made happen.

Second, and also one of the most frequently asked SEO questions, is, is this something I can do myself? The short answer is yes. The more advisory answer is yes, but you probably should not.

On the plus side, doing it yourself can give you a taste of how helpful SEO marketing would be. On the downside, studies show that in house SEO is, at best, half as effective as outsourced, so you are going to be spending time you could be spending on other aspects of your business, yet performing less adequately than an SEO company would. Unless you also have thousands of dollars to invest in training, learning about search engine algorithms, and developing software to help create and monitor SEO content, you are probably better off not doing it yourself.

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